Diving Center

The diving center SUBEX –THE ART OF DIVING is under Swiss management and offers beginners as well as professionels the possibility to discover the unique dive-spots around Dahab, including the beautiful house reef. Some of the highlights near-by are of course the „Blue Hole“ and the „Canyon“.

Excellent service and high demands of quality are part of the concept. The center is located directly at the beach and has his own diving boat. Since 2006, all SUBEX centers are using their very own breathing gas: air28, a light NITROX mixture containing 28% oxygen. This mix of air combines the advantages of 'NITROX diving' (32-36% oxygen) with the use of 'normal' diving air (containing 21% oxygen). An additional certificate is not necessary. But of course, certified divers can also get Nitrox (32% or 36%) free of charge. The diving education follows a holistic training concept, drawn by SUBEX within thousands of lessons, and is certified by SSI and / or CMAS.

Additional Information can be found at www.subex.org. Please send reservation requests directly to dahab@subex.org.